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Virginia’s finest meat Farm, offering a wide range of fresh meats including beef, veal, lamb, and goat, as well as a variety of packaged products like salami, hotdogs, chicken wings, and T-bone steaks. Experience quality and flavor with our premium selection, perfect for every meal.


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Raw pieces of beef on a cutting board with a knife.

Lamb Meat

Lamb is mainly composed of protein but also contains varying amounts of fat.

Beef Meat

Beef is Extremely Rich in Minerals to keep your nervous, digestive system, and skin healthy.


Beautiful, Fresh Cuts Everyday

Indulge in our premium selection of beef, featuring top round, T-bone steaks, and juicy New York strips, all sourced for maximum flavor and tenderness. Discover the rich taste of our lamb meat, including lamb sausage, dried lamb, and tender lamb feet, perfect for any gourmet dish.

veal meat with spices

Veal Meat

Veal Meat is a lean source of high-quality protein and essential nutrients.

Fresh Raw lamb shanks with herbs and spices, mutton meat. Black background. Top view

Goat Meat

Goat Meat is nutritious option rich in protein, iron, and vitamins, perfect for health-conscious gourmets.


Local, In your Approach

Savor the delicate and tender flavors of our veal, perfect for creating exquisite dishes with our selection of veal cuts. Explore our succulent goat meat, offering a unique and rich taste that enhances any culinary creation.



Raw lamb ribs with spice

Lamb Meat

Explore our premium lamb meat selection at Macca Halal Meat, where quality and freshness are our top priorities. Our halal lamb is carefully sourced and prepared to ensure tender, flavorful cuts for every dish. Whether you're looking for juicy lamb sausages, succulent lamb chops, or delicate dried lamb, our variety offers something for every taste and recipe. Discover the rich, savory flavors of our lamb meat and elevate your culinary creations today.

Slices of raw poultry meat on a butcher board with meat cleaver, chicken breast.

Chicken Meat

Discover our top-quality chicken meat selection at Macca Halal Meat, where freshness and flavor are guaranteed. Our halal chicken is meticulously sourced and prepared to provide the best cuts for all your cooking needs. From tender chicken breasts and juicy wings to versatile thighs and delicious chicken nuggets, our range ensures you have the perfect ingredients for any dish. Experience the superior taste and quality of our chicken meat and enhance your meals today.

Raw Chopped beef veal meat on butcher board. Wooden background. Top view

Veal Meat

Welcome to our premium veal section at Macca Halal Meat, where we offer the finest halal veal cuts, known for their tenderness and delicate flavor. Our veal is ethically sourced and expertly prepared to ensure the highest quality for your culinary needs. Perfect for gourmet dishes or everyday meals, our selection includes a variety of cuts that are rich in nutrients and ideal for healthy, delicious dining. Experience the exceptional taste and texture of our veal meat today.

Overhead composition with raw prime beef cuts

Beef Meat

Welcome to our fresh beef section at Macca Halal Meat! Here, we take pride in offering you the highest quality halal beef, sourced and prepared to meet the strictest standards of freshness and flavor. From succulent T-bone steaks and juicy New York strips to tender top round and versatile ground beef, our selection ensures you get the best cuts for every meal. Visit us today and experience the exceptional taste and quality that sets our fresh beef apart.

Uncooked Raw goat leg with herbs on butcher cutting board. Black wooden background.

Goat Meat

Welcome to the goat meat section at Macca Halal Meat, where health and quality meet. Our halal goat meat is a lean, nutritious choice, rich in protein, iron, and essential vitamins. Perfect for health-conscious eaters, our goat meat offers a deliciously unique flavor while supporting a balanced diet. Whether you're preparing traditional dishes or exploring new recipes, our premium goat meat is the ideal ingredient for wholesome, flavorful meals. Experience the healthy benefits and exceptional taste of our goat meat today.

Man opens a package of meat to make a barbecue

Packaged Meat

Explore our diverse selection of packaged meats at Macca Halal Meat, where convenience meets quality. From savory beef bologna and artisanal salami to flavorful hamburger patties and premium ground beef, our packaged options offer delicious solutions for every meal. Indulge in the rich taste of our bacon, pepperoni, and hotdogs, or savor the unique flavors of our chicken hotdogs and sausage. With a range that includes everything from beef feet to chicken wings, our packaged meats are perfect for quick and easy cooking without compromising on taste or freshness. Discover the convenience and flavor of our packaged meats today.

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